Eva Deodorant Body Spray Sweet Woody Bouquet , 125 ml

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Eva Sweet Deodorant Body Spray
PH Balanced
No Alcohol
Skin Friendly
WOODY BOUQUET All Day Freshness Deo

Eva's range of alcohol-free deos is gentle on skin and its unique formulation inhibits odour-causing enzymes by balancing the skin's natural pH level. its moisturizing formula keeps your underarms soft and smooth. It effectively prevents body odour, keeping you fresh and active all-day long.

Usage :

  • Shake well.
  • Hold the can 15 cms away from the body and spray in areas you perspire.
  • Use after bath everyday.
  • When you sweat, malodour causing bacteria thrive due to increased pH value of your skin.
  • The unique formulation in Eva deo removed malodour and restores the natural pH value of your skin.
  • So apply Eva Deo daily to stay odour-free and be fresh all-day long!.
Net Quantity : 75g + 15g / 125ml + 25 ml

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