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Rachel's Orchard Lemon And Ginger Concentrate

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Lemon and Ginger Concentrate

Sprightly lemons from our estate are squeezed to give out their citrus juice and mixed with fresh ginger to make the worlds most popular refreshing drink. No harmful preservatives, no additives and no added colours. Just freshness in a glass!


  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Ginger
  • Citric acid
How to mix :
Mix one part of concentrate and three parts of chilled water or soda. Store it in refrigerator and it lasts for 60 Days.

Product Description :
  • No Harmful Preservatives, added colors or additives.
  • Can make 2 liters of juice from 500 ml fruit concentrate.
  • Mix with water or Soda in the ratio 1 part concentrate :3 parts water or soda
  • Keep Refrigerated at all times.
  • Fruit nurtured on own farms.
  • With no artificial colours.
  • With no harmful preservatives.
  • And far less sugar than other store bought juices.

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