Premium Spanish Olive Pomace Oil 1 Litre | Finest Quality Cooking and Frying Oil | 100% from Olives

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This is a Vegetarian product

  • Perfect for Indian cooking, frying, baking, marinades, pasta and salad dressing. High-quality SAGRADA Olive Pomace Oil will provide a fresh taste for all your cooking needs. It is widely used in Indian cuisine because of its great behaviour in the face of continued exposure to high temperatures.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND COMPOSITION: SAGRADA Olive Pomace Oil is considered one of the best frying oils, since it comes 100% from olives with high content of oleic acid. It contains all the attributes of olive oil which are resistance to high temperatures and the way to brown the fried.
  • Olive Oil is the key ingredient of Mediterranean Diet which is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity. SAGRADA Olive Pomace Oil has higher smoke point and less distinctive flavor than extra virgin olive oil and is considered an economical option for cooking. The lighter flavor and milder olive taste is versatile and won't clash with the other ingredients in your recipes. It’s great for sauteing vegetables, marinades, as well as making sauces.
  • Our goal is to import in India the highest quality products from Europe that are improving the health and well-being of our consumers. Enjoy the true taste of the Mediterranean with our variety of authentic and delicious products.

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