Premium Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil | First-Cold Extracted

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This is a Vegetarian product

  • Perfect for Indian cooking, grilling, salad dressing, sauces or gravies, marinating fish or vegetables, creating pizza dough or focaccia, drizzling over pasta and finished dishes. Use SAGRADA Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of butter or margarine as a healthy alternative.
  • The highest quality of fresh Spanish olives are extracted right after the harvest for the superior chemical characteristics, intense fruitiness and fresh aromas. Every detail in production reflects our commitment to guaranteed exceptional quality and freshness.
  • SAGRADA Extra Virgin Olive Oil has nearly four times lower acidity levels than maximum permitted by International Olive Oil Council’s standard. The unbelievable flavor, the smoothness, and satisfying taste of SAGRADA illustrates its pureness.
  • Olive Oil is the key ingredient of Mediterranean Diet which is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity. SAGRADA Extra Virgin Olive Oil has high level of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and is rich in natural antioxidants, in particular vitamin E and valuable polyphenols. These are powerful healthy benefits which are reducing risk of heart disease and strengthening immune system.

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