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Honey Bath Body Scrubber

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Bath scrubber Loofah/Sponges/Puff/Luffa/Flannel combo set made of vetiver grass and soft luxury sponge. This bath scrubber redefines bathing for you beyond water, soap and shampoo. Bathing now is daily beauty-rejuvenating treatment that nourishes your skin, body, and mind. From balancing the activity of the sebaceous oil glands, vetiver has deodorizing properties and helps normalize oily skin and clear acne. While replenishing moisture in the dry and dehydrated skin, the vetiver scrubber has a rejuvenating effect on mature skin, cuts/wounds/ irritated and inflamed skin.

  • Honey luxury soft synthetic bath scrubbers
  • Luxury soft bath scrubber is made of super premium soft synthetic sponge
  • Helps preventing stretch marks, pimples and beautifies skin. Suitable for Baby Soft Skin, Women and Men
  • Before using the bath scrubber, dip in water for 5 minutes. After the use, squeeze it gently and keep it dry

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