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SD Pharmacy Pileact ayurvedic tablet for piles

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SD Pharmacy
Pileact Tablet for Piles

Indication : Bleeding Piles

Dose : Two Tablets twice daily or as directed by Physician

Mararikkulam Kuttan Vaidyar & PS Kesavan Vaidyar (Vaidyakalanidhi) -- two of the most eminent Ayurveda doctors in India gifted the world a revolutionary pain relief medicine for piles. Now known as PILEACT tablet, it works fast to relive pain & bleeding.

The original formula was made by the 75 year old Ayurveda company SD Pharmacy (Sree Dhanwanthari Pharmacy) as a thick fluid Ayurvedic medicine that was sold from the pre-independence era.

Over the years, SD Pharmacy managed to evaporate the liquid portion of the Ayurvedic medicine and turn it into Pileact- the current tablet form designed to suit the modern lifestyle. The legendary classic formula is still retained.

  • PILEACT provides fast pain relief without disturbing your modern lifestyle activities.
  • PILEACT works faster & better than many medicines
  • Only minor dietary changes are needed which are easy to follow.

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