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Bobbys Spicetree Meat Masala

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Bobby's Spice Tree home made meat masala is made with freshly roasted spices.You can replace your usual curry powders with this one masala mix for all your daily cooking. It goes well with all types of meats & vegetables ..... yes.... surprisingly ... VEGETABLES too! You can add it to your curries, sprinkle it over your fries. You can add them as seasoning on Italian dishes too... So tap the magic masala make the genie spread all your favourite dishes in one.

  • Bobby's Spicetree handmade mixes are pure
  • Made in small batches
  • Free of preservatives
  • Free of addictive /fillers
  • Made of handpicked spices
  • Manufactured under the most hygienic conditions consistently to add that perfect, tantalizing and mouthwatering taste to your food

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