Thanima coconut oil , 1 L Packet + Free (4 Surgical Disposable Face Mask)

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THANIMA coconut oil is extracted and filtered using latest modern techniques, each bottle before packing is tested by Agmark Authorities. Tested in laboratory set up under Agmark standards to ensure the superior quality of the product and packed in various types of food grade containers and pouches under highly hygienic conditions. As we give high priority for quality standards. This help us focus on high quality extraction and ensure the purest form coconut oil. In spite of the success and growth of this unique product, we still continue the same strategy. To avoid any sort of adulteration of the product, the Company has introduced 'Holograms' on each and every item of THANIMA COCONUT OIL sold in the market. 'THANIMA' the silver jubilant in the edible oil market and coconut oil exporters, enjoys appreciation from wide range of customers from national and international level for its purity, smell, taste and freshness. Being the first and best among the edible oil and coconut oil Thanima complements a real taste to the food. Studies reveal that consumption of Coconut oil is one of the reasons that help Asians and people from the tropics ( whose traditional diet includes coconut oil ) maintain their natural health and body weight. The key to weight loss and vibrant health is in eating the right kind of fats (like those contained in coconut oil), avoiding refined carbohydrates, and consuming whole foods. The secret to weight loss is in the chain of molecules that makes up the fat of the coconut oil. Its fatty acids are known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which burn up quickly in the body. They're a lot like adding kindling to a fire, rather than a big, damp log.Coconut oil improves immune system and energy level, stabilize blood sugar, improve thyroid function and it tastes great, too! Apart from that, using the oil in its purest form is good for the hair and skin. In the coastal regions most babies are massaged with the coconut oil in its organic form. This is also being considered as a holistic oil. More and more nations are adopting this oil as part of their lifestyle because of more healthy.

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