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Harrisons Silver Tips Can , 25 gm

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Virgin tips are collected from a tea plant at its prime growth state, dried & packed. White tea if consumed regularly helps in weight loss, reduces the risk of premature ageing and also protects skin against effect of ultraviolet light.

The Taster’s Note Extremely mild but with a velvety undertone
Extremely high in antioxidants & low caffeine content

Type : Single Estate
Origin : Fragrant High Range, Munnar- Altitude of 5700 ft. ASL

Suggested pairings
Ideally drunk in warm water without any additives

Brewing Instruction for 1 cup of Silver Tips

  • Boil filtered water to about 70 C
  • Add two teaspoons of white tea leaves per cup
  • Place the tea leaves in to the infuser basket or teapot
  • Steep the tea for 7 to 10 minutes minimum
  • White tea should be served as it is, unadulterated

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