Gillette Shave Foam Regular , 196 gms

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Gillette Regular Fat Foam has an extra rich, creamy lather that spreads evenly and rinses easily to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

It features Gillette Comfort Glide formula—including glycerine—to hydrate and special lubricants to enhance razor glide for a smooth, comfortable shave.

Directions for use :

  • Shake can before use.
  • Splash water on your face
  • Hold can upright and press nozzle, releasing foamon your hand.
  • Apply foam evenly over beard.
  • Shave as usual.
  • Rinse off after shaving
CAUTION : This container is pressurized. Keep away from heat, including the sun. Do not puncture or incinerate even when empty. Keep away from children.

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