Whisper Ultra Soft XL + (317mm) 15 Pads

whisper ultra soft xl 15 pads 317mm - ₹180.00

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2x Softer.
2x Odour Control*.
Dermatologically tested

New wrapper with 1-step release

2x softer that feels extra gentle to skin
- It has softer topsheet in the center. - It has softer wings.

Special Soft Pores
That drive liquid to the core where it is locked.

Fresh odor free pearls
That capture and lock period odor.

Nearly 20% longer*
With wider back

*vs. Whisper Choice Wings.

Directions for use :

  • Peel off the release paper from the back of the pad.
  • Stick the pad on your panty crotch and press firmly.
  • Peel of the release paper from the wings.
  • Fold the wings around the sides of your panty crotch, and press them firmly against the back.
Directions for disposal :
  • Wrap the pad in paper and throw it in a dustbin.
  • To prevent clogging of drains, do not flush pads.

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