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Brooke Bond Taj Mahal Rich and Favourful - Tea Bags

25 Tea Bags - ₹65.00

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The Taj Mahal experience begins the instant you taste your freshly prepared cup. It's the rich flavour that comes from the tea bags that contain the finest hand-picked teas. The special double chamber tea bags has four brewing sides, allowing the boiling water to infuse your cup with full colour, flavour and aroma of the tea. And with that first sip, you will be saying Wah Taj!

The art of making tea

  • Place Taj Mahal tea bag in an empty cup.
  • Pour fresh boiling water to fill 2/3rds of the cup and watch as the tea bag releases is rich brew.
  • Dip the tea bags 7-8 times & keep the cup covered for 1-2 minutes. Leave longer to get a stronger tea.
  • Pour hot milk and dip the tea bag a few more times. Add sugar to taste. Now savour the rich experience of a Taj Mahal tea.
Net Weight : 100 N x 1.9 g Each ( 190 g )

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