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Surf Excel Complete Machine Wash Kit, 1220g

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Get the perfect clothes care kit with Surf Excel matic and Comfort fabric conditioner combo. It is the ideal pack for your machine wash regime taking good care of both your washing machine as well as your clothes. This combo contains, Surf Excel matic Top load: Surf Excel matic front load is the machine specialist laundry detergent that gives you 100% Tough Stain Removal in machines. Its low suds formula ensures it produces the right amount of foam that protects your machine from the effects of excessive foaming. Its hand rub action power penetrates clothes and removes tough stains in the machine itself. Comfort fabric conditioner has fragrance Pearls which get embedded in your cloth fibres and release bursts of freshness all day. Even if you use the best detergents, the fibres in your clothes get tangled. So, your clothes look dull and lifeless in just a few washes. Comfort fabric conditioner untangled the cloth fibres and coats each fibre with a protective layer that helps prevent the damage caused by repeated washing. Comfort is perfect for all kinds of clothes and easy to use in both machine as well as bucket wash.

It contains surf excel matic 2 unit and 1 unit comfort fabric conditioner

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